In 2011 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphoma, Stage 3 and went through treatment at the NM Cancer Center.  Because I have a background in the healing and self-help fields, I applied my knowledge and experimented with different approaches.  Through this application, I was able to get through my treatment without missing a single day of work.  In fact, no one at work even knew I was undergoing chemo!

The Recovering from Chemo funding project

The Recovering from Chemo funding project.

Project purpose:  Get funding to write and publish a non-fiction motivational and practical book, and create a web site with forum and blog posts.

Purpose:  Spread knowledge about the process of recovering from Chemotherapy including

What you can do Before
What you can do During
What you can do Afterwards

and covering all aspects, holistically, of recovery including


Problem and Solution

Medical knowledge has found effective ways to treat Cancer and other similar diseases.

Unfortunately the treatment can be extremely intolerable, and often takes months or years of recovery.

But there are things you can do before, during and after Chemotherapy to assist in the recovery.

With a holistic, or complete,  approach addressing environmental, mental, physical and spiritual factors, you can ease the process.

We need to share this knowledge.